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Gardening & Yard Work
Help Repositioning a Small Rhododendron (rhody)
The move will be from one part of my yard to another one - not too far away. It's a 3-yr old rhody, so a little awkward for me to deal with by myself. :~] We'll dig out the new spot (it was partially prepared a year or so ago so shouldn't be too bad?), then dig out the young rhody. I have 2 shovels.

Wishing to learn how to can pickles, jams, and chutneys
I've done quite a bit of research with books and online, but would love to learn some hands-on experience of canning by someone with experience.

My Front Door is Sticking - It's Old & Wooden
- And is sticking due to the breaking down of the wood the main door latch is attached to. Area around the door BOLT is fine. Would love to find someone who can shore up the wood at that spot!

Radio Microphone
Clip-on radio microphone for a camcorder.

Our FCE group needs Wicker Plate Holders for our Potlucks
Does anyone have some Wicker Plate Holders in good condition that they can sell for LDs to the group in Olympia? Ideal would be 8 - 16, but would consider a minimum of 4 (matching) nice ones!

Gardening & Yard Work
Automatic watering system learning opportunity
Master gardener Karol Stiegman needs help setting up an automatic drip water system in the Victory Garden at the Center for Spiritual Living. Any day OK, generous life dollars offered. Please call her at XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXXX

Anyone a Member of Ridwell? (extensive recycling co.)
I'd love to pay LDs for the ability to share your Ridwell membership (maybe once every month or two?) to recycle light bulbs, batteries, plastic film, holey socks, etc.! Not too likely to find that, but you never know!

Gardening & Yard Work
Wanted- Strong Gardener -Helper
Strong Garden Helper welcomed in our mature organic garden pollinator-sanctuary once a week.. .Work on land cared for by an Experienced Organic Gardener & Permaculturist. . . Located 3 mls NE of B'ham on an acre . . .. .Each week the needs are different- (composting, pruning, edging, weeding, tree digging/planting & sheet mulching). . . .We can our gardening wisdom. .. ..Email your experience & schedule . Follow Up with Phone Call. .(afternoon or evenings prefered), 4.5 LD for 3 hours. (plus cash towards travel costs). . . xxxxxxx & Don 4.20

Homemade healthful meals to go
I love eating healthy meals but don't always have time to cook. Is that something you could do for me and my family? Casseroles, lasagna, breads, yogurt, sauces, anything made from fresh local / organic foods. Yum! Frozen or dried is good. Thanks!

Business & Administration
Occasional Help with Tech-ISH stuff
Like linking my two Echo devices, stuff like that!

Music & Entertainment
Violin Lessons
I would love to have some private instruction, or the opportunity to have instruction in a small group of beginners. I have been dinking around for several years, but would like to stretch outside my current zone. Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or e-mail at XXXXXXXXXX

Professional Services
Basic car-mechanic skills --2 classics!
For MERYL. Routine maintenance on 2 old vehicles (XXXX VW caddy & XXXX Volvo wagon -love my old vehicles!) They're simple to work on and never lack character. Being the only transportation I have, a little TLC with basic maintenance will extend their life.

Gardening & Yard Work
I would enjoy some companionship weeding and tidying up in the beautiful gardens at the Center for Spiritual Living on Yew St. Rd. Monday or Friday Call or email xxxxx xxxxxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX

Occasional Help with Cleaning my Airbnb
It'd be nice to have someone to help when renters move out! I usually do all the cleaning by myself. Since Covid, generally folks are here (it's part of my house) for a month or more, though once in a while I'll offer a week stay to fill in a calendar gap. So - I do know in advance, but it's not predictable way in advance. :~]

Building Services
Woodshed (desperately needed, have supplies)
For MERYL. Also, basic handyman -or woman, small/easy tasks in the house, shed or property. Take your pick!

PC and Android help needed
I am a slow and frustrated PC and Android owner seeking a supportive person to patiently support me in learning most things about my Lenovo Ideapad and my Consumer Cellular Cell Phone.

Health & Personal
Healthy cooking and eating
Diet and nutritional information specifically about an anti-inflamation diet that I am willing to follow would be a great to find!

Gardening & Yard Work
Assist chainsawing downed trees as needed.
For MERYL. No major logging here!! Just the occasional help bucking trees that are obstructive +/or preparing firewood.

Painting Trim Above my Front Door (requires ladder use)
I've got the (good!) ladder, but am just not too stable on things like ladders at this point! :~] It's a bit of an artistic project, so if that interests you, this may be a fun for you!

PHP MySQL Programmer
I need assistance programming the Fourth Corner Exchange database. If you have experience with PHP and MySQL and want to earn Life Dollars, lets talk.

Building Services
Handyperson skills
I am a homeowner with few skills in building things inside and outside my home, seeking any help with projects.

Arts & Crafts
Need a Logo for my Business
I have an idea for a logo that would be a little like Japanese calligraphy - a brush stroke effect - showing a plant and root structure, something like that.

Gardening & Yard Work
Garden/yard work helper/permaculture designer
I can use your skills, strength, and willingness in a variery of garden and yard projects. The overall goal is to maximize food production and water retention in our backyard. Will pay you 2 LD per hour of labor plus take home some fruits and vegies and flowers!

Need help editing video
I love capturing the video footage of nature, and also live music events, and can do basic editing. If you enjoy and have skill with video editing, I could use your assistance on my video projects! I'll pay you 2-3 LD per hour, or we could negotiate a rate per project, or partial payment in LDs and part in feds.

Music & Entertainment
Music Theory Teacher!
I would love to know more about music theory. I know the basics from playing piano many years ago, and from singing groups in high school and college, but have been actively wanting to know more for the past two decades. I want a teacher who can answer my questions and has a sense of humor! :~]

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